Simple and fast EU Citizenship

Key facts

  • Investment of €2.000.000 plus VAT in residential properties, which must include a permanent, private residence of market value minimum €500.000 plus VAT. Applicant has the right to invest to one or multiple properties.
  • 3-4 months approval period.
  • Dual Citizenship.
  • Granted to the whole family and all financially dependent children up to age 28.
  • Having full EU rights.  Freedom to reside, work, study and travel.
  • Visa free travel to 157 countries worldwide.
  • Own a business in Cyprus and any European country.
  • Flexible.  No requirement to reside.
  • Free Higher Education in Public Universities and in EU Universities with much lower tuition fees.

Applicants are required to have a clear criminal record.

Permanent Residency Cyprus

Straightforward within two months

Key Facts

  • Investment of €300.000 plus vat.
  • Visiting requirement,  once every two years.
  • Simple, fast track process (within two months).
  • Investment into new property.
  • No Tax consequences.
  • Live freely in Cyprus.
  • Full family qualification (Grandparents, Parents and children up to  age 25).
  • Permits for yourself and dependents are valid forever, no renewal is required.
  • Insurance policy for the future.
  • 1-year Schengen visa in any European Embassy in Nicosia.
  • Own a business in Cyprus and any European country.
  • You can apply for EU citizenship  – It enables you to travel throughout Europe with ease.
  • Access first class healthcare and education.

Why Compass

  • Unique feeling of serenity – our critical thinking experts will enable you to address all issues. One person solution.
  • Top to bottom core knowledge of the important legislation and methods to guarantee successful applications.
  • Huge portfolio background in processing and handling of citizenship applications.
  • Collaboration with the authorities and Legal/Tax Consultants.
  • Privacy-Honesty-Genuineness