May 6, 2017

10th Annual Street Life Festival

If there’s one place in Cyprus known for its get-up-and-go, it’s Limassol. This is a town that’s developed a reputation for dynamism and vitality, a place where a quiet weekend indoors just won’t cut it when you could be pounding the boards of the coastal walk, biking the rich hinterland or splashing into the briny blue. Thousands pour into the town each year for its exciting outdoor events: the Sunshine Cup, the Limassol Marathon, The Ioannideia Regatta, Run in Colour… Limassol, it seems, is a town that likes to be out in the open and living life to the fullest…Which is why the Street Life Festival is an absolute blast!

Organised by Gifts and Gadgets and The Copy Shop, the annual Street Life Festival is an all-day event which brings more than 10,000 people out onto the streets of Limassol in what organisers describe as “the biggest annual festival organised in the old town of Limassol”. Now in its tenth year, the festival took over Saripolou and Athenon, bringing “a funky and alternative twist to the city of Limassol, to inspire expression, to bring people together and to offer an urban perspective that resembles that of other European cities”. It’s an event that sees the best of outdoor activities all rolled into one, from the athletic extremes – “incredible choreography, cool stunts with skateboards” – to the highly amusing – “jugglers and street performers”.

Glad to support 10th Annual Life Street Festival.