Property Management

We are a property development company that encompasses a full scale of services.

Details create the big picture.

Our service never ends with a sale. Our experience in addition to our competency in property management, allows our customers to enjoy comprehensive assistance and life comforts. We are experts in maintaining all areas of the property, as well as insuring the property and dealing with all local authorities in terms of paying property taxes and settling utility bills. Our properties are exclusive and we want to make sure that they are in excellent condition even years after the delivery and in order to achieve it, we monitor the property with on-site visits.

  • We manage all property maintenance & restoration fees, throughout the years.
  •  We appoint gardening and swimming pool conservation services in private and common areas.
  • We undertake property maintenance costs, utility bills & taxation transactions.
  • We provide property insurance policies.
  • We provide assistance to non-English speaking customers